With SeeSaw, Each Residence Has Its Own AI Personality

Senior Living Communities

Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Memory Care

Many senior communities and home care agencies have been slow to incorporate modern technology. It’s not uncommon for facilities to still use archaic methods such as putting tape on the door to indicate if a resident has emerged from their room. It’s no surprise, many of the technology solutions offered today were developed for different uses entirely and can be clunky and ineffective. Take wearable alarms. These devices have been available for many years and have, no doubt, saved many lives, but they have their drawbacks. First, false alarms are common. Anything that must be kept on your person at all times is bound to get bumped, squeezed or dropped, causing false alarms. Also, it must be kept on your person at all times! If the unit is left on the nightstand, or hanging from the walker handlebars, it may be out of reach when it is needed, or the wearer may be incapacitated.

A unique touchless fall detection and fall prevention solution for communities

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    No Cameras Needed

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    No Wearables Needed

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    No Buttons Needed

Falls not only impacts residents’ physical health, but also damages the financial health and reputation of operators. Communities face challenges in providing continuous resident protection, without compromising privacy or overburdening staff. We solve this with a unique touchless solution that instantly alerts on falls, captures activities of daily living, and can prevent falls by uncovering hidden health issues.

  • Instant Alerts

    Instantly identifies and alerts on falls.

  • Continuous Caregiving

    24/7 lifestyle trends and activities.

  • Identify Hidden Falls

    Uncover blind spots in resident health.

  • Social Connectors

    Fight guilt, loneliness and isolation.

  • Generate Revenue

    Increase occupancy with healthier residents.

  • Optimize Staff

    Focus on residents who need attention.

SeeSaw utilizes state-of-the-art sensors (skills) to monitor any movement of a room’s occupants and immediately determine if a resident has wandered out or a fall has occurred and notify the duty nurse and Supervisor. But what if it could prevent the fall in the first place? The SeeSaw suite includes a gateway device that can communicate with all of the installed skills to automatically capture hidden insights and activities of daily living for each resident unit. This information is constantly compiled to paint a picture of health, which serves as a baseline for comparison. Nurses and other caregivers can utilize our up-to-the-minute dashboard to monitor the welfare of the residents in their charge and highlight those who are acting outside of their norms via any internet-connected computer or device.


  • Identifies and alerts on falls in real-time without buttons, cameras, or wearables.
  • Connects with nurse call systems.
  • Records visitors.
  • Family Care Console provides a 360° view of resident activities, trends, and patterns.
  • Focus staff attention and energy where it's needed most by highlighting occupants that are out-of-bed at night, identifying abnormal bathroom usage, tracking mobility, and more.
  • Mobile app available to check in on residents.
  • Mobile app available to check in on residents.
  • Connects securely via Wi-Fi, with optional cellular backup.

Where to use it

  • Bathroom. Where over 80% of falls occur, while also tracking bathroom visits.
  • Bedroom. While also tracking time-in-bed and sleep quality.
  • Living Room. Where people spend a lot of time.
  • Kitchen. While also tracking access to meals.


SeeSaw technology can help home care agencies to more effectively manage their customers’ care.

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The B-Safe application allows you to monitor all your residents from our interactive dashboard.

Seesaw Insights prioritizes where to focus human attention.

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