Pete Zirnheld - CEO and Founder

Early in life Pete developed a community-oriented mindset. This developed into a core personal “trademark” as a willing resource to help friends, aging family members, or senior citizens in his Buffalo, NY neighborhood. Pete fixed their leaky faucets, or lent a hand with a flat tire. He noticed when their routines changed and became respectfully-attentive when there were tangible signs of a decline in health. Pete saw first-hand their challenges and became a trusted ally.

These attributes served him well for decades as a successful entrepreneur in multiple industries and guided him to establish SeeSaw Partners in 2022. Pete realized that people’s lives could be greatly improved with the right mix of cutting-edge technology. By combining a virtual network of sensors and artificial intelligence, all seniors can have a respectfully-attentive neighbor.

Pete is also a hot air balloon pilot and an award-winning cook.


Nick Sercer- CFO and Founder

Nick has a long background as a tax and finance professional and technology entrepreneur, working at firms such as Arthur Andersen, E&Y, Microsoft and as a founding member of MSX Group, an accounting software company before joining SeeSaw Partners. Having come from a large family in a small town, Nick enjoys working and interacting with people from all walks of life and utilizing technology to improve efficiency.

Nick is an avid woodworker and enjoys repairing discarded electronics and machinery.


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