Bringing senior communities and families together through technology

This intelligent system combines sensors in the home with artificial intelligence, pioneered by Care Daily, to learn daily lifestyle patterns and detect problems. It can alert staff, professional caregivers, and even emergency services of potential hazards, even when the emergency button is out-of-reach. Families are also coordinated to reach out daily using our B-Safe app, lowering isolation and loneliness.

How it works

A discreet Wi-Fi connected radar sensor mounted on the wall or ceiling scans the room for people. It detects occupants in the room, on the floor, and in specific regions of the room such as a bed or chair. The sensor operates effectively in all lighting conditions and humidity levels. When a resident falls, your staff receives alerts to provide prompt assistance.


  • Identifies and alerts on falls in real-time without buttons, cameras, or wearables.
  • Connects with nurse call systems.
  • Records visitors.
  • Family Care Console provides a 360° view of resident activities, trends, and patterns.
  • Focus staff attention and energy where it's needed most by highlighting occupants that are out-of-bed at night, identifying abnormal bathroom usage, tracking mobility, and more.
  • Mobile app available to check in on residents.
  • Connects securely via Wi-Fi, with optional cellular backup.

Where to use it

  • Bathroom. Where over 80% of falls occur, while also tracking bathroom visits.
  • Bedroom. While also tracking time-in-bed and sleep quality.
  • Living Room. Where people spend a lot of time.
  • Kitchen. While also tracking access to meals.

World’s Most Advanced Radar Fall Detection

  • Fall Detection Delivers alerts to caregivers and nurse call systems

  • Situational Awareness Tracks where people are in the room (i.e. bed, toilet), activity level, and detects visitors..

AI-driven command center for communities to manage people, places, and things

To manage a state-of-the-art facility or community, you need a powerful and scalable command center that works across all facilities, residents, and units to identify where staff should be applied today. Uncover hidden health insights, predict issues before they turn into serious problems, get alerts and notifications, and manage staff with role-based access controls. The artificial intelligence extends beyond resident health and well-being to maintain property value and automatically manage energy to save money.

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