SeeSaw for Safety

SeeSaw utilizes the most up-to-date technology and AI to not only identify immediate dangers such as a fall or other medical emergency, but also to study behavior to predict and address potential issues before they become life-threatening.

SeeSaw for Health

SeeSaw AI technology can help improve overall health and well-being by studying mobility, sleep or bathroom trends that could help detect hidden health issues.

SeeSaw for Social Interaction

Seniors want to be independent and social interaction is important for overall well-being. SeeSaw technology helps you with your loved-ones and a trusted-circle of family, friends and caregivers, but without the noise and conflict associated with today’s social media. SeeSaw can provide reminders for medication or just to check-in or share a picture or video.

SeeSaw for Happiness

Independence provides seniors with a sense of self-value that feeds their happiness. SeeSaw provides an invisible safety net to help them navigate the dangers of everyday life without diminishing their sense of independence by eliminating the need for intrusive technology like cameras or wearables.

SeeSaw for Peace of Mind

State-of-the-art sensors passively gather and analyze real-world information to allow family members and their caregivers to make better-informed, day-to-day decisions. Overall, this can increase the effectiveness of caregivers' time and decrease levels of stress and worry.


Our Top Featured Solutions Transforming Enterprises With AI

SeeSaw, a Care Daily partner, designs solutions that combine sensors (skills) in the home or living space with artificial intelligence to learn daily lifestyle patterns and detect problems. Our B-Safe application can alert staff, professional caregivers and even emergency services of potential hazards, even when the emergency button is out-of-reach. In addition, caregivers can always access up-to-the-minute information to monitor well-being. Families are also coordinated via the app helping to manage tasks and sending reminders to reach out regularly, lowering isolation and loneliness.

  • Touchless Fall Detection and Prevention
  • Monitors Daily Activities
  • Manage Care and Anxiety

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By and large, many senior communities and home care agencies have been slow to incorporate modern technology.

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SeeSaw technology can help home care agencies to more effectively manage their customers’ care.

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Just as teens are anxious to gain independence from their parents, retired individuals fight to keep their independence as long as possible.

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How it works


Gather real-time data from multiple IoT sensors in a living space


Utilize AI to establish baselines of behavior and track deviations


Deliver actionable feedback to caregivers through an AI Driven Command Center (B-Safe)

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